Golf Shoe Reviews 2014 – Top 10 Of The Year

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For any golfer, the perfect pair of shoe is as important as the golf ball and the club. Shoes can be a great set back in any golf game. Remember there is a lot of movement during golfing and ill-fitting shoes can leave you with painful corns and bunions. It is therefore crucial to have the best golf shoes and you can only do this by checking out several golf shoe reviews like this one.

The making of golf shoes has been under revolutionary changes for some time now and currently the shoes made are even fit to be worn off the golf course. Quality and comfort are the most important aspects in any shoe, these ones not excluded. This is one of the golf shoe reviews that give you the true traits of a shoe. Below is a review of the top 10 most comfortable and affordable golf shoes of 2014:

1.    Adidas Adizero One

These are as high quality as they appeal to the eye. They have a much modernized sleek look and they are quite light in weight. They have a low-profile cleat design which is designed to increase contact with the ground.

They are equipped with seven cleats which are well distributed all over the outsole. They are arranged in pairs with two pairs at the front part, a single one right at the middle of the foot and a pair towards the back of the sole. The wide base offers great secondary traction.

The upper part of the shoe is light and at the same time weather resistant. It is made to assure you of a durable shoe that will serve you for quite some time. It is quite cheap costing about $180.

Keep in mind, you can get a golf bag from Adidas that will match your shoes. There are plenty of Adidas Golf Bags on Golf Bag Reviews that you can pick from. Get a Adidas Golf Bag that will match your Adidas Adizero One’s.

2.    Royal Albartross Club Collection

Although they will cost you more than most other golf shoes (around $225), these shoes are surely worth every additional penny. With high detailing added to the design of the shoe and use of the best material in making the shoe for durability, it ranks among the best 2014 golf shoes.

From the Royal Albartross Club which has been there for years now and their designs have beaten the test of time, these shoes are made to impress. They are fashionable and made in soft-spike option for comfort. There are several combinations of colors to choose from providing each person with a choice of what they prefer.

3.    Men’s Faas Grip Golf Shoe

Made by the trusted Puma shoe company this is a great pair. It is well made for any golfer’s choice. What everyone looks for in a golf shoe is comfort, good looks, durability, great performance and good traction on grass. Well, the Faas offers you that and much more.

The shoe is very elegant and is ideal for golfers who like to leave a fashion statement even on the field. On the streets as well the traction is great and they can be worn for runs or workouts or for casual wear.

Puma is another company that makes Golf Bags as well. Puma Golf Bags are very popular.

4.    Nike Golf Fi Impact

For those tight on budget but still value excellent performance and comfort this is the shoe for you. It comes at a below average price of about $130 and in most golf shoe reviews it rates quite highly. Talk of customer satisfaction!

It is quite comfortable and the traction on different surfaces is good. This aspect is important when you address the ball. A top quality ball like Wilson Golf Balls is the key if you want to get some distance out of your shot. The sole is made in a design to allow it last long.

5.    Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip

The upper part of these is made of the material hydromax treated leather. This ensures trusted durability like all other leather products. The outsole has a spikeless pattern and structure which is said to create 8ootraction angles.

The shoe is one piece since the sole is not connected by stitching or glue but rather by Direct Injection. This ensures a comfortable fit and a fashionable look. It will cost you about $180.

6.    Footjoy Dry Joys Casual

These are great to wear on and off the golf course. They are made from soft and full grain water proof leather to guarantee you durability and weather resistance. They also are light in weight and have great traction elements.

The outsole is a classical one, made from a new material known as Fine-tuned foam (TFT). It is great at shock absorption and cushioning and is lighter than the conventional EVA material used on others. It comes at only about $150.

7.    Nike Men’s TW 13 golf shoes

Nike is a world renowned shoe manufacturer and more so golf shoes. Many golf shoe reviews will absolutely have a Nike shoe in their top listings. The TW will offer you the number one thing you look for in shoes, comfort.

The outsole of this one is made in a quite innovative way. It imitates the normal human sole and makes it easy to move your feet from one spot to the next easily. The TW 13 is featured on Golf Shoe Reviews 2014 as well.  It is highly rated.

8.    Kikkor selects

These will do great for a younger golfer just starting out. They are not top notch but they are valuable especially bearing in mind the price they come at (about $120).

They give a good fit and are comfortable to wear. The most notable thing about them is the unique prints they have. These could be great for a fashion statement but you may get one that is just too off.

9.    Nike Golf Men’s TW 14 Golf Shoe

This new creation from Nike has (arguably) the most comfort of all golf shoes out there. It has breathable tongue construction for good feet aeration. It also has great padding to avoid feet chaffing. The spikeless outsole allows for great traction and flexibility as well.

The fit this shoe offers is absolutely amazing for any foot. It has an internal fit system which wraps properly around your feet without any pressure to give you a great fit. Made from premium microfiber synthetic leather on the upper part, this shoe is very durable.

10.    True Linkswear Lyt Dry

This is a great golf shoe with above average durability, performance and comfort. It is great for walking whether it is on or off the course.

However, most golf shoe reviews 2014 pin it down on comfort because of the heel cup it has. It is not that bad though and it is relatively cheap at only $150.

In conclusion, any golfer would want a shoe that offers maximum comfort and if I was to choose from the top 10, Nike’s TW 14 would be best. The comfort it offers is topnotch and the durability unmatched. However for fashion conscious fellows the Royal Albartross Club Collection would be perfect.

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